David Richardson

David Richardson has recently retired from Williams Thompson and is a non-practising solicitor which means he no longer holds a practising certificate.

About David
David joined Williams Thompson as a full time consultant in February 2008.

David’s father had founded the well known Christchurch firm of John W Richardson & Co in 1949. David followed him into the firm and by the time of his own retirement he could say that he and his father had provided continuous service to their Christchurch clients for over 60 years.  In many cases he and his father had acted for families over a number of generations.

We were very pleased when David chose to join Williams Thompson and he brought with him a loyal and faithful client following.

David was an experienced conveyancer and in his time with us, and as part of his retirement planning, he concentrated on Will preparation, Estate administration, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney and the financial managements of his client’s affairs.

In the Office
David is still a strong supporter of Williams Thompson and he continues to refer his clients to the firm and we are happy to act for them and to take over the work that he has carried out for them over the years.  He still calls into the office so do not hesitate to contact our office if you are a former client of his.

Outside of the Office
David is well known in Christchurch through his work as a solicitor over many years.  He is a long standing member and former President of Christchurch Rotary. He has been a school governor and over the years he has been associated with a number of charitable and other organisations in the town.

Clingans Trust
David continues as the clerk to the Clingans Trust which is a local charity that provides educational grants to those who live in the borough of Christchurch and which has provided significant help to students over many years.


Contact David 01202 484242